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Exploratory research position (PhD / Post-Doc level) in experimental petrology

Universität Heidelberg


We seek a young scientist (either with M.Sc. or PhD degree), who will support our group during the exploratory phase of a new project on mineral dissolution and precipitation. Methods comprise mainly experimental work (modified piston-cylinder) and theoretical interpretation.

The successful candidate will be responsible for a modification of the existing piston-cylinder, as well as performing the experiments - thus experimental expertise is highly welcome. Basic technical skills (mechanics, electronics and programming) are of great use and will be crucial for a successful project completion. As it is an exploratory part of the project, flexibility and teamwork is expected.

The exploratory part is for 1.5 years, i.e. we can offer either/or:
- 1.5 years PhD salary (~ 65 % Post-Doc salary)
- 1 year Post-Doc salary (TVöD E13, if preferred - only for candidates with a PhD degree)

A follow-up project using the same instrumentation and techniques is possible - either as additional 2 years Post-Doc or 3 years PhD salary. At this moment, we cannot guarantee the funding for this phase. However, our group will start to work on getting the funding for the follow-up phase, once we find the matching candidate. This will also give the new team member an opportunity to participate on the proposal writing stage and provide inputs/preferences.

Important facts:


Please send applications (including cover letter describing your motivation and CV) by May 7th, 2021 to:

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