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Research Engineer

Swedish Museum of Natural History


The Department of Geosciences at the Swedish Museum of Natural History is seeking a manager for our TIMS lab. The position is full time and permanent, and can include up to 30% time allocation for the successful candidate’s own research.

Research Engineer – Thermal Ionisation Mass Spectrometry

The Department of Geosciences (GEO) at the Swedish Museum of Natural History hosts the NordSIMS-Vegacenter research infrastructure: a Swedish national facility for microanalysis and micro-imaging in Earth, environmental and planetary science that comprises a range of state-of-the-art analytical and support facilities. The center is equipped with SIMS, TIMS, MC-ICPMS, HR-ICPMS instruments, two laser ablation systems, a gas chromatograph (GC), SEMs, and other supporting facilities (

The academic staff at GEO comprises an international team of research scientists who run externally funded projects and national and international collaborative research programs, manage and support infrastructure projects, and supervise researchers at PhD and post-doctoral level. Current research programs in isotope geochemistry are focused on crustal  evolution, planetary sciences and low temperature geochemistry. The department also conducts mineralogical research and curates one of the major mineral collections in Europe.

Aufgaben und Einsatzfelder

Work tasks
Applications are invited for a full time position as research engineer, responsible for managing the Thermal Ionisation Mass Spectrometry (TIMS) laboratory, which is part of NordSIMS-Vegacenter.

The research engineer is responsible for operation and maintenance of the TIMS instrument (Triton, Thermo Scientific), and development and optimization of analytical methods (TIMS & clean laboratory).

They will maintain good working relationships with users and instrument vendors and enhance use of the facility by building collaborations with local and  international academic and industrial clients.

The candidate will also assist the Vegacenter team with ICP-MS operation when required.

The position offers the possibility to do own research in a field relevant to the department (up to 30%; not mandatory). Participation in general department tasks is expected and the museum offers the opportunity to participate in public outreach activities.

Kenntnisse und Fähigkeiten


  • The successful applicant must hold at minimum an MSc degree (or equivalent) in inorganic chemistry/geochemistry or a related field.
  • Experience with operating a TIMS is required,
  • whereas laboratory management experience is meriting.
  • Strong social and communication skills (in English) are essential.

The following aspects are considered meriting:

  • a significant record of method development,
  • experience with GC and/or ICP-MS,
  • experience with public outreach activities,
  • a good publication record and
  • experience with attracting research funding.

The following personal characteristics are considered important:

  • being well-organised,
  • independent and meticulous,
  • and having excellent collaboration skills.


Scope of employment

Form of employment: Permanent employment
Scope: Full-time
Start date as soon as possible, in accordance to a mutual agreement.
The position is a full-time permanent appointment with a six-month probationary period.


Applications should be in English and include:

  • Cover letter
  • CV
  • Summary of practical laboratory experience
  • Contact details of at least three reference persons (these will only be contacted if you are one of the final candidates, we will inform you before)
  • Any other qualifications or information the applicant considers relevant

Last application date: 14/10/2022
Reference number: 2.3.1-529-2022

Apply online:

Ellen Kooijman
Head of Department of Geosciences
08-519 542 26
Union representatives
Mattias Forshage, ST
08-519 540 49
Jörgen Langhof SACO-S
08-519 540 00

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